Getting Miles for Partner & Alliance Flights

In my opinion, airline alliances are the best thing to happen to air travel since deregulation occurred in the 1970s.  They allow you to travel to many more places, especially for free using miles.  The other great benefit is that you can earn miles on your home airline when flying any of the alliance airlines.  This post will go into the detail about how to earn miles for your normal airline from flying partners and other members of the alliance. Continue reading “Getting Miles for Partner & Alliance Flights”

Credit Card Tips and Tricks

I started to write this post as a follow up to my basic tips post but quickly realized that all of the tips were about credit cards and how to leverage them for free travel.  In the past decade, credit cards have become the quickest and easiest way to earn miles and points.  This post will talk about the different types of credit card points, bonus categories, and how to use credit cards without hurting your most important asset: your credit score. Continue reading “Credit Card Tips and Tricks”