Photo Friday – Princes Pier Posts

This is the part of the remains of the famed Princes Pier in Melbourne, Australia. The pier operated from 1915 to 1969.  In 2006, the first 140 meters of pier were fully restored and the rest of the pier was removed.  However, they left the oh-so-photogenic pylons and I had tons of fun shooting them.

This photo occurred on my last night in Australia just after a huge rainstorm and I really didn’t think I’d get a decent photo because of it. The sun was completely hidden most of the day and there was no real sunset.  But at the last minute the sun poked out and I got about 3 minutes of shots with this amazing light.  This was actually a really difficult shot to get because of the extreme differences between shadows and highlights.  So I used HDR.  The first shot below is the best I could get with a single shot.  The photo below that is after merging three images in Lightroom.  And the final shot is after editing it in Lightroom.  BTW, this is nowhere close to the best shots of Princes Pier that I’ve seen so I’d encourage you to google it for some truly great photos.

DSC_0040 (3)DSC_0019 (3)-HDR-2DSC_0019 (3)-HDR

Melbourne, Australia  –  December 2013

Nikon D5000  –  18-55mm kit lens
Aperture: f/3.5
Shutter Speed: 1/30
ISO: 560
Focal Length: 18mm (27mm equivalent)


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