Simple LiPo Battery Charger with the MCP73831

The little board was built to charge a single lipo battery using the MCP73831 from Microchip.  I plan to use it along with several other boards featured on this blog in a larger project, but I like to break things up and make sure they’re working individually before making them work together.  

When I went to choose a chip for this board I used the MCP73831 (datasheet here) because that is the same chip Adafruit and Sparkfun used in their charger.  Below is the most typical circuit used with this chip.  Keep in mind that the pin placement on this image is not the actually pin placement on the part.  Actual pin placement is shown in the image below that.MCP73831 circuit

MCP73831 pinout

Below is the board design, which can be downloaded from here.  One one side is a jst connector for the battery and on the other is a mini usb jack to connect to a computer or wall plug.  A capacitor of at least 4.7uF should be used on both the input and output (I used 10uF for both of mine). Finally, an LED shows the state of charging. If the led is on, it is charging and if the led if off, it is done charging.  (It is possible to modify the design to illuminate a different led when the charging is done by connecting an LED to the stat pin in the opposite direction… I think.)

MCP73831 board screenshot

This chip charges at 4.2V and cannot be changed.  However, the charge current can be changed by altering the value of the resister labeled Res1 on the board.   The formula for determining this is: Charge current in mA = 1000 / resistance in Kohm.  You can also use the graph below.  I use 2k for 500mA, 10k for 100mA, and 20k for 50mA charging.  The key thing to remember is that you should not charge small lipos faster than 2C – meaning 2 times the mAh rating of the battery.  So don’t charge at 500mA unless the battery is at least a 250mAh battery.MCP73831 charge current graph


If you see anything I missed or have any questions, feel free to put them in the comments below.





7 thoughts on “Simple LiPo Battery Charger with the MCP73831

  1. hello,
    could you sell me 2 units of this charger?
    What is the size of the PCB?
    It looks very small, so that’s interesting !
    Thank you

    1. I’m sorry, I’m not set up to sell anything. If you want, I list the parts and have a link to the board file so that you can make your own. However, if you want to buy one, search or and you can find several parts that are almost the same. Good Luck.

  2. Hi,
    I have 3.7v 1800mA single cell battery. Can I charge the battery with this circuit as I am using solar panel supply as input and according to my calculation it must supply 900mA constant charging current to battery. Kindly help me in this regard.

    1. Hi zain
      Yes you can use this circuit with a 6 volt solar panel, works great. Automatically switches on in more king and tops up battery, cuts off when fully charged. We have three running permanently no issues so far.

  3. I am into Electronics Engineering so lf i want to design a Laptop charger, pls how will I do it. I want to know pls. pls send me your Whatsapp contact, I wish to message you because I have a lot to ask you about electronics

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