Projects List

This is a nice organized list of all my projects.


Photo Edits can be found here
Photo Fridays can be found here
Exporting to the Correct Color Space from Lightroom
How I migrated from Aperture to Lightroom


Tripit vs Kayak My Trips
The Best Travel Itinerary Manager
The Best Travel Accessories and Gadgets
Uber Car Service Review
How to Choose a Hotel Loyalty Program
How to Choose a Frequent Flyer Program
My Favorite Travel Blogs
Tracking Your Flights – Past and Future
Getting Miles for Partner and Alliance Flights
Credit Card Tips and Tricks
Miles and Points – Basic Tips



PurpleStick – Arduino USB Stick
Arduino I2C Problem Sending Multiple Bytes
Sending 16bit & 32bit numbers with Arduino I2C
Arduino Pin Change Interrupts
Default ISR – Resetting Interrupt Problem
Nokia 5110 Screen – Photo to BMP converter
Burn bootloader to Arduino Mega with ICSP pins
Changing Arduino IDE Indentions
Wireless Voltage and Current Sensor
Wireless Wii Nunchuck Arduino Controller


Rotary Encoder on the ATtiny85 Part 1
Rotary Encoder on the ATtiny85 Part 2
Pin Change Interrupts on ATtiny85
ATtiny I2C slave
Programming ATtiny85 with AVR ISPmkII
Programming an ATtiny85 with Arduino
Software Serial on ATtiny85

Line Following

Line Follow Introduction
Line Follow 1
Line Follow 2
Line Follow 3
Line Follow 4
Line Follow 5

Apartment Engineering

Wine Glass Holder
Shower Shelf Holder
Shoe Holder
Simple DIY Headboard
Cabinet Bed Surround
Perfectly Clear Ice Spheres

Electronic Catan Dice

Settlers of Catan Dice 1
Settlers of Catan Dice 2
Settlers of Catan Plexiglass Border

Robot Tentacle

Version 1
Version 2

Test Circuit Boards

Current Capacity of Wires and Traces
TB6612FNG Motor Driver Board
Simple Lipo Battery Charger with the MCP73831
Simple Boost / Step-up DC/DC Converter Using the NCP1402
Using the RPR-220 and a Breakout Board
N Channel Mosfet – Low Side Switch
P Channel Mosfet – High Side Switch
Small Arduino Input Voltage Board

No category

Current Capacity of Wires and Traces
Comparison of ATmel chips
Testing the range of the Xbee Pro 900
Easy & Cheap Reflow Soldering without Solder Paste
Radio Shack 4x2x1 Enclosure Dimensions
Storing GPS Location in Photo Pixels
Reflectance Sensor Array with RPR-220


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