TripIt vs. Kayak My Trips

Almost a year ago I wrote the post The Best Travel Itinerary Manager and it quickly became my most popular post.  In that post I gave my preference for Kayak over the established TripIt for managing itineraries.  Since then I’ve used them much more and they’ve both had updates so I thought it might be a good idea to review them again in a little more depth.  I’m covering TripIt since it is the entrenched favorite and Kayak My Trips because it is second place in google searches and is my favorite. Continue reading “TripIt vs. Kayak My Trips”


Myfico – My Favorite Tool for Checking Credit Scores

There are lots of tools out there to check your credit score and report.  I’ve used a lot of them, both free and paid and have finally found my favorite:  Let me tell you why.

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The Best Travel Itinerary Mangers – TripIt, Kayak, TripCase, and WorldMate

One of the blogs I follow (Thread Tripping) recently had a post about different itinerary managers.  These managers offer a convenient place to keep all of your reservation information and dates.  I had no idea there were options other than Tripit so I signed up for all of them and gave them a try.  I imported my next three trips: a weekend in San Diego, my Honeymoon, and a ski trip to Utah.  It included a variety of air and hotel types including a Southwest booking for two people on points, which turned out to be the most difficult to import because of the way Southwest generates two confirmation numbers for one email.  Here are my thoughts and the one I’m going to be using going forward.

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The Best Travel Accessories and Gadgets


After several years of traveling (and even more years addicted to gadgets) I’ve found that there are certain things that I just can’t travel without.  These are things that make travel easier and reduce a lot of the common little problems that get in a way.  They aren’t going to make or break your trip, but they may make it just a little bit easier. Continue reading “The Best Travel Accessories and Gadgets”

Uber Car Service Review

In June my girlfriend and I went to Chicago for a relaxing weekend.  While the main goal was to relax and get away from the stress of school, I was excited about finally getting to try Uber, a new car service.  Since no city in Oklahoma is large enough to warrant Uber, this was the first time I’ve been to a city with Uber since hearing about it several months ago.  This is my review of the four experiences I had with Uber. Continue reading “Uber Car Service Review”