Engagement Ring? – Don’t get the Wells Fargo Jewelry Advantage Card


As some of you know, I recently proposed to my long time girlfriend (and she said yes!) during a trip to London and the hunt began for a wedding ring.  I didn’t dare pick one out for her since I know she had very specific ideas on these things, so I proposed with a cheapish Tiffany’s silver ring and told her we’d pick out a ring together when we got back to the states.  We found one relatively quickly that we both liked but it was way more than I had budgeted.  It wasn’t her going crazy but more an issue of me not realizing what jewelry costs.  Luckily, the store had 0% financing through Wells-Fargo so I thought I was all set.  This is what I wish I’d known then. Continue reading “Engagement Ring? – Don’t get the Wells Fargo Jewelry Advantage Card”