DIY Toiletry Bag Organizer Insert

I’m a little particular about the products I use, especially those I travel with, and I’m always searching for the perfect stuff.  I thought I had found the perfect toiletry bag last year but I became frustrated that my stuff got tossed around during every trip.  So during a particularly boring day at the lab, I made an insert to keep things organized and save my sanity.

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New Laser Cutter!

Well, it’s not actually new to the University, but it’s new to me.  I’ve known we’ve had it for awhile but I’ve never had a chance to play with it.  Before now, pretty much every project I’ve needed to create was better made on a CNC, lathe, or 3D printer.  That changed when I broke the legs on my hexakopter last week and new ones are too expensive. Continue reading “New Laser Cutter!”