Programming an ATtiny85 with the AVRISP mkII

I previously covered a method of programming the ATtiny85 using an Arduino Duemilanove.  However, my Duemilanove board isn’t working at the moment and I need to work on a project so I decided to program it with an Atmel AVRISP mkII programmer.  Here are the simple steps, mostly so that I don’t have to lookup the pinouts online next time I need to do this. Continue reading “Programming an ATtiny85 with the AVRISP mkII”


Programming the ATtiny with an Arduino

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m starting to look at projects that for various reasons don’t require a full arduino.  There are some projects that even the Arduino Pro Mini is too large for.  For this, I’m looking at using an ATtiny85 since I only need a few pins.  But first, we have to figure out how to program it.  There are several ways to program a stand alone IC and future posts will show these, but this post will focus on how to program using an Arduino.  There are already numerous tutorials of this online, but many of them are either incomplete or wrong.  Others just don’t answer some of the questions I had when I started and this is what I hope to fix with my version. Continue reading “Programming the ATtiny with an Arduino”