Rover Controller

In another episode of clearing up old projects, here’s a controller I made for the rover that acts as an emergency override and also allows somebody nearby to drive it around.  The rover is typically controlled over the internet but there are times you may want to be able to control it without the internet, including when the internet connection is down.  Any signal from the controller also overrides the signal from the internet user so it can be used as an E-stop.

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Testing the range of the Xbee Pro 900

My master’s thesis is a hexakopter that captures weather data.  It stores this data locally but also sends it back to a base station on the ground using a series one Xbee Pro 900MHz.  I finally received my pair of Xbees last week (don’t you love slow purchasing departments?) and wanted to test the range of the wireless link. Continue reading “Testing the range of the Xbee Pro 900”